Start Fencing with NLSC in 2017

We welcome new members to NLSC and encourage complete beginners of all ages to take up the sport.  Fencing is a fast, exciting and athletic sport like 'active chess' that keeps both body and mind fit.  There are many benefits from regularly practicing fencing.  Learning the skills of attacking and defending with the sabre helps develop good co-ordination, balance and flexibility which makes fencing training an ideal means of keeping fit for all ages and abilities.  

Our fencers include juniors, cadets, seniors and veterans.  Our beginner courses have catered from age 10 to 70+ in 2016.

Fencing training provides good aerobic and anaerobic exercise and conditioning.   It's also good for flexibility and coordination. Fencing is not only physically challenging it's a workout for the mind too. You need concentration and mental discipline to do well.

We also look to provide opportunities for our members to compete regularly and to socialise.  We encourage our new members to become fully involved in the activities of the club and the sport of fencing.  

For those who wish to train and compete seriously we provide structured coaching and support at competitions.  Some of our fencers have trained and achieved National and International success.

How do I start?

NLSC organise regular beginner courses and you can book and sign up for our next course through this website - use the facility to the right of this section. If you would like to visit us, or have any queries about starting, then please click here for our contact details.

During our courses new fencers will be introduced to the basic techniques of sabre fencing, including blade work for attack and defense, footwork, safety and the theory of fencing.  All participants will receive professional coaching and be provided with all necessary fencing equipment.

On completion of the course beginners will be equipped to join NLSC club training and train with our more experienced fencers.