We welcome new and experienced fencers at NLSC.  We also welcome visiting fencers from other clubs and countries.  There is no cost for an experienced fencer to attend their first session at NLSC.

We operate a structured training programme at NLSC and our training sessions are designed to improve all our members fencing ability.  Our coaches organise our training sessions which include:

  • Warm-up and flexibility training
  • Footwork
  • Group coaching: pairs and skills exercises
  • Individual lessons
  • Free fencing

Individual lessons are available to all full members of the club.  Lessons are prioritised to those fencers who have upcoming tournaments and attend the club regularly.  

NLSC meets on Thursday evenings, fencing between 7:30pm - 9:30pm.  Fees for Training Sessions are as follows:

  • £32 month for Senior Members, £27/month for Junior Members
  • Visitors fees are £10/session (First visit free)

We are based at the - Oasis Academy, 9 Kinetic Crescent, Innova Park, Mollison Avenue, Enfield, EN3 7XH