Our History - Modern Sabre Fencing

Training, Performance & Competition for All

We were founded in 2000 as a community non-profit sports club to promote the Olympic Sport of Sabre Fencing in the North London and the northern home counties.

NLSC 2014

NLSC 2014

Our philosophy and approach is to help develop sabre fencing in the North London area by providing a facility where individuals of all ages and abilities can improve their personal performance.  We aim to provide top quality coaching in a safe and friendly environment.  Our focus is on helping every member to improve and to take a full part in the sport of fencing.  We encourage all members to attend regularly and take part in as many local, national and international competitions and aim to provide support to our members to assist them to do so.  We also encourage our fencers to improve their strength and conditioning, refereeing and armoury skills.

Our training sessions are designed to improve all our members fencing ability.  Many of our Fencers have represented Great Britain, England, Scotland and Wales at Senior, Junior (U20), Cadet (U17) and Veteran (40+) level.