Chairman's Welcome


I would like to introduce the coaching team and committee members of NLSC who help organise our activities and support the club's development.  We are keen to encourage our members so new members and guests should feel free to speak with any member of our team about our activities.

Andy Williams, NLSC Chairman


Peter Wright, Lead Sabre Coach

Peter Wright is the Head Coach and founder of the NLSC.  He is responsible for all coaching at the club and the development of our Senior and Junior fencers.

He began fencing in Bristol in 1986 at the Raven fencing club, later he joined Salle-Roeder.  Peter competed nationally and internationally and represented Great Britain at Junior and Senior World Cup events.  Peter has also been a member of the Senior England Sabre team and has represented Great Britain at the Fencing Master’s World Championships.  

Peter became the youngest ever British coach to hold a British Academy of Fencing (BAF) and Acadamie D’Armes Internationale (AAI) Master’s Diploma in Sabre Fencing in 1998.   


Daren Tee, Sabre Coach

Daren Tee is specialist sabre coach who helps train our beginner, senior and junior members.

He began fencing at Southbank University and trained at Salle Frohlich and Bedford Fencing Club.  Daren competed successfully in national and international tournaments for many years.  

Daren has been a qualified coach for over ten years and holds the Advanced Sabre Coaching qualification of the British Academy of Fencing.


Lynn Williams, Club Secretary 

Lynn is NLSC's club secretary and is responsible for our membership information and communication.  

Lynn is also a volunteer coach who helps organise our community activities.  She is a veteran fencer and competes regularly in local and national competitions.  If you have any general queries about the club or our activities then please speak with Lynn or email her via the members page.    


Asif Khan, Club Treasurer

Asif is NLSC's Treasurer and is responsible for the finances of the club. 

Asif is actively involved in supporting NLSC as a parent of some of our active fencers.  

If you have any queries relating to club subscriptions or any other financial matters then please speak with him at the club or email him via the members page.